AddSecure ISA-4 is a suite of software which enables Alarm Receiving Centres to disseminate alarms, events and status information generated by IRIS Alarm over IP terminals. One of the most important features of AddSecure ISA-4 is the way it partitions data and delivers the information that each stakeholder, requires and is entitled to see. Access to this information is under the control of the Alarm Receiving Centre with as key features:

  • Multi users in multi-tasking modus
  • Secured access via standard web browser from any web enabled device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC
    AddSecure ISA-4 has been independently certified as conforming to the highest level of security within the European standards (ATS6, Grade 4) for alarm transmission.

Key Benefits
AddSecure ISA-4 is a web-enabled multi-user portal to monitor, manage and troubleshoot IRIS terminals. It offers stakeholders extensive, intuitive and ease-of-use functionalities to configure, monitor, troubleshoot, analyze and safeguard the IRIS terminal functionality. AddSecure ISA-4 is fully upload/download compliant and communicates with any existing Alarm Receiving Centre alarm automation software.

How to buy- Full license.
The ISA-4 suite of software is commercialized on the basis of a one-off license sale whereas each license represents a connected IRIS terminal. License packages are available ranging from 50 over 1000 and upwards. We kindly invite you to contact your AddSecure account manager to gain more information or send an email to about how to get ISA-4. Don’t wait any longer to make the management of Alarm over IP this easy.

Support and maintenance services ISA
Even the best systems require support and maintenance. Explore the AddSecure support and maintenance services.





  • Leading-edge and proven IP technology

  • Easy to install, configure, use and supervise

  • Flexible and scalable

  • Highest level of security, stability and reliability

  • Tested and certified to all approved standards and insurance regulations

  • Wide deployment in Alarm Receiving Centres across the globe